About Us

Noble Healthcare has been established for over 10 years providing healthcare equipment solutions along with empathy for clients and service providers.

We have a comprehensive range of unique products to ensure we can provide the best solution.

The ‘Noble’ name denotes dignity and respect which we strive to provide to our clients.

Noble News

  • 03 Apr. 2018

    Noble Deluxe Gel Care Chair

    View Here: https://www.noblehealthcare.com.au/product/noble-deluxe-care-chair/ Contact us: EMAIL sales@noblehealthcare.com.au CALL 02 6962 1500

  • 04 Apr. 2017
    hazardous hospitals

    Is your hospital hazardous to your patients???

    Hazardous hospitals? Who would ever think……. But they can be, they will be.. or are they already? Have you checked your medical equipment lately? Have you noticed your equipment is getting old, worn, broken, stained… have you been so worried about your patients illness/injuries that you totally forgot that the equipment you have provided also needs some TLC? What about servicing? Have your lifters been serviced? your beds. Don’t let that palliative patient get stuck sitting up when they need to be lying down!  Is it the money you need? Or is it the time, the […]