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  • 05 Jul. 2016

    Noble Positioning Pillow Small

    Verity Rendell /
    Small Cushions

    Noble Positioning Pillow Small

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    Product Description
    • Pillow is designed to help provide support and relief for patient.
    • Assists with position changes to decrease the risk of pressure ulcers and increase comfort.
    • Easy to use
    • Optional hygiene cover is machine washable.
    •  Inner pillow is machine washable & tumble dry.
    • 50% HR foam & 50% polyester fibres


    Filling: 50 % HR-foam/50 % polyester fibres
    Size: 25×80 cm

    Warranty: 1 year
    Cleaning – Inner Pillow: Machine wash at 95 ºC. Tumble dry, avoid over drying. For faster drying, run the centrifuge cycle 3-4 times.

    Noble Positioning Pillow User Guide