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  • 01 Oct. 2015


    Daniel Haak /


    Product Description

    A sensory stimulating vest with a tight, weighted fit which calms, and leads to a better body awareness.

    MyFit has an innovative design using elastic material which closely fits the body. The vest has channels on the front and back, filled with heavy plastic balls. The vest is closed using a zip, and has a simple lacing system on the back and sides which makes it easy to individually adjust the vest to give the user the best possible sensory stimulation.

    The special design of the vest produces distributed pressure deep under the skin, – stimulating the sense of touch and hence muscle and joint sensation. The many sensory receptors send impulses to the central nervous system, leading to greater body awareness, which has a soothing effect and improves the sense of security and well-being.

    Target groups who may benefit from using MyFit

    • Children and adults with ADHD
    • Children with motor restlessness and concentration difficulties who need greater body awareness
    • Psychiatric patients who are physically and mentally restless
    • People with disabilities who have a reduced body awareness
    • People with autism
    • Neurological patients who need sensory stimulation, for example due to a change in body sensation following brain damage
    • People with dementia
    • People who suffer from chronic pain