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  • 29 Sep. 2015

    Broda Pedal Rocker Chair

    Daniel Haak /

    Broda Pedal Rocker Chair

    Product Code : NFS199B

    SKU: NFS199B Category:
    Seat width45/50cm
    Seat depth42.5cm
    Seat height35-47.5cm
    Product Description

    ● Ergonomically designed to encourage mobility

    ● Rocking function with adjustable tension

    ● Reduces ‘wandering’

    ● Encourages exercise of lower limbs

    ● Comfort tension seating to reduce pressure

    ● Integrated seat tilt cradles the body to prevent slumping

    ● Height adjustable seat height & armrests

    ● Care-giver lock

    ● Vinyl padded upholstery

    ● Steel powder coated frame

    NFS199B Standard

    NFS199B-LW Large Wheels