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  • 01 Oct. 2015


    Daniel Haak /


    Product Description

    GroundMe has a foam base, above which there is a layer of loose plastic balls enclosed in an elastic outer cover. The practical straps on each side of the footstool make it easy to carry around and hang up on a hook when not in use.

    GroundMe is used as a dynamic footstool; children who need stimulating through their sense of touch and the senses in their muscles and joints benefit greatly from rolling their feet over the balls.

    Also, children often find it difficult to rest their feet on the floor when seated, which can lead to motor unrest and a poor sitting position. Here, GroundMe can be used as a stabilising cushion which supports the feet and ensures a firm foundation for a good posture and thereby improved learning.

    The footstool can be used with the BallCushion, the MyFit vest or as a floor cushion to sit on.

    GroundMe is available in two sizes, 10 cm high and 20 cm high, to match the individual user. The 10 cm model is supplied with black carry straps, while the 20 cm model is supplied with turquoise straps.