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  • 25 Sep. 2015

    Glide Series 2 Leisure Custom Wheelchair

    Daniel Haak /

    Glide Series 2 Leisure Custom Wheelchair

    Product Code : NWC074


    SKU: NWC074 Category:
    Seat width37-52cm
    Seat depth40-52cm
    Seat height40-53cm
    Back height40-55cm
    Arm height21-30cm
    Handle height83-108cm
    Overall width59-74cm
    Product Description

    ● Custom made wheelchair scripted to suit individual user

    ● Removable swingback armrests

    ● Removable swingaway legrests

    ● Calf strap

    ● Durable sailcloth upholstery

    ● Adjustable axle mounting plate

    ● Folding reinforced aluminium frame

    ● Available in a range of colours

    ● Wide range of accessories & options available

    NWC074 Custom