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  • 08 Feb. 2016

    Fastform Versi – Sheet

    Daniel Haak /

    Fastform Versi – Sheet

    Product Code : NFO150



    Product Description

    FastForm VERSI™ Sheets can help you achieve optimal stabilization and/or immobilization treatment solutions for
    your patients
    Unlike other thermoplastic sheet products, a FastForm VERSI™ Sheet comes with our comfortable, wickable and
    breathable DermaWick™ liner attached. VERSI™ Sheets are stretchable, trimable, moldable, highly conformable and
    will adhere very well to other PolyTrexX™ surfaces allowing adaptation and augmentation of existing FastForm
    products to suit individual patients.

    For further customization treatment options, FastForm VERSI™ Sheets can also be used to make discrete splints,
    casts, braces, and devices for a wide range of indications including wrist, hand, finger and thumb splints as it is
    quick, easy and clean to apply.

    “FastForm’s revolutionary technology is also used in FastForm’s VERSI™ Sheets. This technology is based on a
    highly conformable thermoplastic (PolyTrexX™) in a highly open mesh type structure, combined with an effective
    wicking and fast-dry liner (DermaWick™). When heated, PolyTrexX™ is highly conformable (plaster–like). Once
    molded to the desired position and shape, PolyTrexX™ rapidly reverts to a high strength, ventilated structure
    that’s radiolucent.

    Multiple trim lines are incorporated into a FastForm VERSI™ Sheet for easy trimming options. There is also a built in
    hinge that can be utilized if desired to make devices that are easy to remove and refit on patient’s limbs and digits.
    The easy on/off feature makes it useful for rehab applications and for routine hygiene and inspection. The
    lightweight structure, breathability, comfort, versatility and low profile of FastForm VERSI™ Sheets provides a
    superior alternative to conventional casting material and non-custom moldable orthoses.
    With your clinical expertise and FastForm’s VERSI™ Sheets, patient’s comfort, quality of life and healing experiences
    can be enhanced.