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  • 01 Oct. 2015


    Daniel Haak /


    Product Description

    The BallBlanket – a tranquillising and sense-stimulating aid

    The BallBlanket stimulates the sensory system and, thereby, contributes to create an improved bodily consciousness. The BallBlanket is designed on the basis of the American occupational therapist and psychologist A. Jean Ayres’s theories of sensory integration. It works due to the weight from the loose balls pressing at certain points of the body, which stimulates both the sensation of touch and the sense of muscle and joint. The many sensory impressions transmit inhibitory impulses to the central nervous system. This increases the sense of the body and its limits, and it provides confidence. Therefore the BallBlanket is tranquillising.

    The BallBlanket is produced a number of different ball fillings:

    *The BallBlanket with plastic balls provides most weight and pressure and, therefore, the strongest stimulation of the sensory system.

    *The BallBlanket with a mixture of plastic and polystyrene balls is a somewhat lighter blanket for those who need a slightly milder stimulation of the sensory system.

    *The BallBlanket with polystyrene balls only provides the lightest stimulation of the sensory system.