Comfortable, quick fit, Removable, Water friendly, Aerated, Breathable, Radio Translucent


FastForm’s technology is based on a highly conformable and biodegradable thermoplastic polymer (PolyTrexX™) combined with an effective wicking and fast-dry liner (DermaWick™). When properly heated, PolyTrexX™ converts from a rigid state to a very pliable and conformable material (plaster–like). After sculpting to a desired position and shape, PolytrexX™ rapidly reverts to a high strength, ventilated immobilizer that’s radiolucent. Clinically, a precise customized fit is easily and quickly achieved in length and circumference, while securing antomical conformity for repair preservation.

Diamond-Aperture Design

High Ventilation;

Wicking Action
(Washable Two-Layer Body)
35° Palmar Crease

(Increased Dexterity)

Metacarpal Support

(Mitigates Hyper-extension)

Patient Compliance Lock

(Deters Removal)

Volumetric Adjustable Straps

(Swelling Relief; Compression)

Built-In Hinge Enhanced Hygiene;

Comfort(Easy on/off)


A FastForm VERSI™ Sheet is a general purpose splinting, casting and bracing material intended to be used forfabrication of custom molded rigid splints, orthoses and adaptive equipment.

Unlike other thermoplastic sheet products, a FastForm VERSIT Sheet comes with our comfortable, wickable and breathable DermaWickT liner attached. VERSIT Sheets are stretchable, trimable, moldable, highly conformable and will adhere very well to other PolyTrexXT surfaces allowing adaptation and augmentation of existing FastForm products to suit individual patients.

For further customization treatment options, FastForm VERSIT Sheets can also be used to make discrete splints, casts, braces, and devices for a wide range of indications including wrist, hand, finger and thumb splints as it is quick, easy and clean to apply.

  • Ultra-Foldability
  • Sizing and shaping
  • Bond Ability
  • Padded Edges
  • Aerated, water-resistant & fully breathable
  • Perfect fit; strong but light-weight and re-moldable
  • Volumetric adjustability
  • Radiolucent & 85% biodegradable