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  • 03 Apr. 2018

    Noble Deluxe Gel Care Chair

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  • 07 Mar. 2017

    Tired of Back Pain? We can help!

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    Have you got back pain? Its most likely caused from your office chair, car seat or wherever you spend time sitting. you have back pain because your back is not supported in the correct way – which means you are tense,tight and your spine is twisting or bending… A lumbar roll will help you sit up straight and fill that ‘bend’ in your back and relax those tight muscles! Noble Healthcare has 4 different shapes of lumbar rolls for all kinds of backs! Reduce that pain now and get healthy again! […]

  • 31 Jan. 2017

    Continence Rewards! Reap the benefits!

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    Join our continence reward scheme and receive a FREE $50 Coles Gift Voucher! Purchase any of our continence range, plastic bed sheets, Adult & Children nappies and pullups , absorbent bed pads! Talk to one of us here to get the right one for you! The Fitright brand is an excellent American made product, with garment like fit! Be comfortable all the time! Order online now or send us an email!

  • 17 Jan. 2017

    NEW! Humantool Saddle Seat and Pilot Spot Backrest!

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    Relieve the pressure from your spine and improve your posture with these incredible new items from Noble! These are just SOME of the benefits: The back and the middle body region are strengthened, because of the activation of the deep, small, diagonal muscle system ► The movement relieves tensions in the back, which are a result of incorrect sitting posture or e.g. through sport activities ► Your posture improves, while pelvis is learning to its new more upright position ► Problems of the shoulder and neck area are decreased by […]